Why being wrong is right for your business

December 17, 2021

Here’s why being wrong is right for your business. 

Don’t get me wrong, no one wakes up and likes being wrong. It’s a blow to our character. It makes us feel like we wasted our time. It makes us feel like the people that said “I told you so” are correct and we know how annoying that can be.

If you talk to yourself from time to time like I do, you might say “Why did I do that?”.

But don’t beat yourself up.

There’s a reason why you created that feature that didn’t move the needle. There’s a reason why you thought that product you just launched would be successful. There is a purpose behind it all. 

However, the numbers rule everything around you.

Your customer, your clients, your sales dictates how your company grows. The more your customers buys, the more views that post gets, dictates your next steps. But, but the only way to get there is through iteration and persistence.

What i’m saying is that your customer might not like that new feature or new product. In fact, when I worked as a software engineer in Big Tech, the product managers were wrong 80% of the time. 

Yes, I said 80% of the time.

Meaning 80% their projects didn’t move the needle. 80% of the time, their projects didn’t get the desired outcome. 

But when they did, revenue increased, page views went up and morale was boosted. 

You’ll forget about the dozen A/B tests you just ran. You’ll forget about the number of times you changed copy. You’ll forget it all because it’ll all be worth it.

What I’m NOT saying is, don’t skip the customer research. Don’t skip the user experience test sessions. Don’t skip the new hot technology or marketing trends. Do your research and try it all. Put yourself in a position to move as quickly as you can.

But be wrong as often as you can. 

Test, test, test until you get it right for your customers, your clients and your company.

Fail fast and iterate as quickly as you can. 

Change that copy until your messaging resonates with your target audience. Change the color of that button until you get your desired click through rate. Create that second or third landing page to warm that cold traffic.

Retrain yourself into saying I’m not learning if I’m not failing.

When we learn, we grow and set a new standard for our clients, or customers and ourselves. 

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