5 things you need to launch a success product or service

December 31, 2021

Launching a successful product or service is much easier than you would think.

It’s not rocket science but you must have your ducks in a row.

To start off, what problem is your product or service solving? Have you conducted user interviews and research with your target customer?

Is your solution a vitamin or painkiller? Ask yourself that question again. Is your solution a vitamin or painkiller? Will it remove your customer’s headache and solve their pain points? Or is your solution something people will use on and off because it brings something temporary relief.

Has this problem been solved by another company? If so, what differentiates your solution from the competition. For every McDonalds there is a Burger King down the street. Competition is good for business. 

Do you have a target user persona to ensure consistent messaging? Does the messaging have a value proposition and list of benefits and features? Does your messaging answer “What’s in it for the end user?”? Don’t write copy to brag about what awards your company has won or how capable your team is. Remember prospects are looking for solutions to make their lives easier, save themselves time or money, that’s it.

Have you started to build an audience before product launch? Building an audience before product launch is vital to a successful launch. If you build it, customers will not come. On a given day, adults see on average 6,000 - 10,000 ads per day. Give prospects a reason to view your product when it launches.

How will you sell your product? Will you offer a demo or live webinar? Does your product have different tiers? Will you charge weekly, monthly or annually?

How will you convert prospects into leads? Do you have a funnel in place? What kind of marketing will you use? Email Marketing? Inbound Marketing?

Have you prepared one or more press releases to get the word out? 

How will you retain your customers? If a new competitor comes along, how will your company answer?

If you have an answer to all these questions, you’re well on your way to a successful launch. If not, we would love to help you on your journey to a successful launch. 

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